Also referred to as a modular tile or carpet squares, carpet tiles have been used as a commercial flooring installation. But with the increasing demand from homeowners, companies manufacturing modular tiles for residential use began to market products aimed specifically at the residential consumer.

The number of those who opt for carpet tiles continue to increase significantly and have become a popular installation in many businesses, including airports, schools, as well as other heavy foot traffic spaces, primarily because it is quite easy to install. Carpet tiles can just be installed in high traffic areas and leave the lower foot traffic areas as they are.

Benefits of Installing Carpet Tiles

Many savvy homeowners and trendsetting designers favor carpet tiles for their many advantages, which may be categorized as follow:

Procurement and transportation. Compared to purchasing a roll of carpet that is 12 feet wide, about 150 feet long, and weighs as much as 600 pounds, carpet tiles are lightweight and compact. A roll of carpet will need at least two people who have to carry it and use a truck to have it delivered. Carpet tiles, on the other hand, usually measure 12″ to 18″ per square and bundled with anywhere from 6-12 pieces. Anyone can carry a bundle of these carpet tiles, and they can be transported even in a small car.

Best Carpet Tiles


Storing is also a common concern after purchasing materials like these. Bundles of leftover carpet tiles are kept in a storage room or closet discreetly. However, storing a roll of leftover carpet is a bit more difficult considering its length and weight.

Installation Area

Traditional carpets may be ideal for large installation areas. Smaller sized carpet tiles will be a better option when it comes to smaller installation areas, however.


With smaller sized carpet tiles, the number of unused pieces are lessened. With a roll of carpet, that is not the case, however. If the space where the installation is needed measures a couple of feet smaller than a regular-sized carpet, it will be inevitable to have a significant number of scraps. But if you opt to use carpet tiles instead, there will be no leftover.


Using carpet tiles allows you to be creative. You can use multiple colors, and sizes, even create unique patterns to highlight a spot within the installation space or create a visual separation between spaces.


Installing traditional carpet requires padding, adhesive, as well as tack strips. The process also demands extensive labor in cutting, trimming, gluing, binding and also stretching of the carpet to have it installed properly. The job is usually reserved for professionals who demand a high fee. Installing carpet tiles requires a lot less than that. All that is needed is to lay the pieces in place on the floor and trimmed to fit. There is no need to use any special glue or adhesives, hence will not damage the underlying floor. Anyone can do the installation which makes them a popular choice for the DIY crowd.


Since the front of the carpet tiles are usually made of nylon materials and the back portion of the tiles are made of durable water-repellent materials, you can be assured that you can save your tiles from getting wet or soggy. If ever liquid spills or stains the carpets for some reason, they can easily be cleaned while the tiles are still on the floor. The tiles may also be removed and spot-treated with a mild detergent. Stains may be removed using a soft brush or a sponge. Just allow them to air dry after cleaning. In some cases, like when the dirt can not be cleaned or the tile was damaged, it can also just be replaced with a new tile. This means, maintaining a high appearance level of the installed area will not be much of a problem. Considering this, purchasing and storing extra pieces of these carpet tiles will be a great idea.


If a traditional carpet is damaged or worn out, the entire carpet will have to be replaced. Only damaged installed carpet tiles will only need to be pulled and replaced, on the other hand. This means less expense, time and effort needed from your end.

Choosing The Best Carpet Tiles

Modular tiles are square cuts of a carpet that can be laid on your floor like tiles. There is no need to use glue and as these carpet tiles are available in a variety of thickness, you can choose to install depending on your choice of thickness. As to choosing the best carpet tiles, you can find a wide variety of selection available in the market to choose from.

When looking for the most appropriate carpet tiles, consider the installation area, the design, as well as you budget and limit the options available based on these factors. You can check either online or local shops, but the quicker way will be through an online search. It is always a smart move to know what you are looking for from the options available to optimize your search and find the best carpet tiles easily..

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